The "St George" Hall is the larger of the two rooms available. This space features cathedral-style ceilings, brass chandeliers with wall sconce accents, and a large parquet wood dance floor. Also featured in this space is a large, curtained stage, ideal for bands, head tables, DJs and more!

This hall is generally reserved for parties of 150 persons to approximately 250. Seating is by round tables, with eight (8) chairs per table. White line table cloths are included.

Some of the events that this room is better suited for include:

- Wedding Receptions          - Cabaret Dance               - Prayer Breakfasts
        - Large Meetings                   - Performances                 - Proms & School events


The "Metes" Hall is the smaller of our two rooms. This room features details such as a built-in bar, parquet wood dance floor and recessed ceiling lighting with wall sconce accents. This is a more intimate space for smaller gatherings.

Metes Hall is generally used for parties of 50 to 150. Seating is accommodated at 8-person round tables. 8-foot long tables may be available as well. White linen table cloths
are included.

Some events that Metes Hall is better suited for include:
        - Bridal & Baby Showers     - Baptism / Christening Parties
        - Meetings                             - Birthday, Retirement & Anniversary Parties



Large parties are accommodated through the combined St George & Metes Halls. The wall between the spaces is opened to offer you an elegant expanded venue that accommodates up to 500. Seating is at round tables, eight (8) places at each. As always, white linens are included in your package.

 Various amenities that may be added include:
       - Chair covers & accents         - Centerpiece arrangements
        - Colored linen napkins            - Coat Check
        - Colored linen table cloths      - Full Bar Service
        - Water glasses                         - and much more!


Catering Information: 586.978.7991