The Cathedral parish has always been proud of its Romanian ancestry. It is known in North America and in Romania as a source for Romanian tradition and culture. Throughout the decades, this pride has been demonstrated in many ways – Romanian Bazaars, Bake Sales, Dances, Cultural Programs, Concerts, Religious Celebrations, Picnics, Societies, Folklore Ensembles, etc.

As with any parish of its age, the Cathedral has experiences many ‘growing pains’. It has sent its sons to war, stood strong in times of poverty and depression, provided a comforting environment in times of joy and sorrow, and opened its doors to all who pass through them. Throughout all of it, its members, though happy and proud Americans, have never forgotten that they are also Romanians.

A renewed sense of dedication and preservation of our heritage is developing today. While the parish is comprised of many third and fourth generation American-Romanians, as well as those who are not of Romanian origin at all, the pride of the “Treicolor” is alive and well. With the continued increasing numbers of those newly arrived from Europe, the parish is working to reinvigorate the culture and heritage that helped found and keep it alive for nearly 100 years.

In the past, Romanian language school was offered. The “Hora Unirii” Cultural Group performed dances. The Choir sang popular songs and anthems. The people wore their costumes from the various provinces and villages. Young and old danced and shared food and fellowship together. Today, these traditions are coming more alive again, and in the coming year, various exhibits, concerts, dances, ensembles, etc are planning to be offered for the Romanian Community of Detroit and for the general public.

If you are interested in contributing to the Culture & Heritage Committee, or have costumes, photographs or other artifacts that you wish to donate, please contact the Parish Office.  We are proud to accept these items, and will keep them safe, as part of the history of the Romanian people in North America. Also, if you would like to donate your time as an instructor, dancer, cook, etc to help us promote and preserve our language and culture, please call the Cathedral Office today (248/569-4833).

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