& Assignment as Assistant Priest of the Cathedral
Sunday, 26 April 2009

O zi unică din viaţa mea, o zi culminantă a celor 9 ani de teologie, o zi unică şi specială datorită dumneavoastră “oameni speciali” care a-ţi participat la acest eveniment al hirotoniei mele întru preot. Mulţumiri părintelui paroh Protopop Laurenţiu şi Dna Psa Anita Lazăr, membrilor consiliului parohial, doamnelor care s-au ocupat de eleganta mesei, şi nu în ultimul rând corului de neegalat "IPS Valerian". Deasemenea alese mulţumiri familiei Cocariu pentru vesmântul donat. “Preoţia zboară de pe pământ la cer, ducând lui Dumnezeu cu foarte mare grabă cererile noastre.“ (Sf. Efrem)

A unique day in my life; a day which was the culmination of 9 years of theological study; a unique and special day due to “special people” who participated at my ordination into the priesthood. Sincere thanks to Cathedral Dean Fr Laurence and Preoteasa Anita Lazar, members of the Parish Council, the Ladies who prepared the elegant dinner, and certainly not last, the unequaled “Archbishop Valerian” Choir. My thanks also to the Cocariu Family for their gift of my new vestments. “Priests soar from earth to heaven with great haste, taking our requests to God.” (St Ephraim)

Pr. Sabin şi Psa. Ramona Pop


St Thomas Sunday was a joyous day at the Cathedral. The day began with the singing of Matins of the Resurrection. Then, to the sound of the toacă and bells, the Dean of the Cathedral, Very Rev Fr Laurence Lazar, carrying the holy Gospel and Cross, Archdeacon David Oancea and Cathedral Deacon Sabin Pop, with censers in hand, greeted His Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel at the doors of the temple. With him were Priests Dionisie (Egumen of Ascension Monastery, Detroit) and Horatiu Balanean (of Sts Peter & Paul Church, Dearborn Heights). Also assisting were Subdeacons Tom Rosco and Aaron Mitchell. The hierarch entered, venerated the icons and moved to the center of the church.

Alexandru  Radulescu, a theological school graduate who has been singing the responses as a cantor at St George for a number of years, knelt before His Eminence who then tonsured him as a Reader (citeţ), i.e. a ritual of obedience during which the hair is cut as an offering to God. The “Archbishop Valerian” Cathedral Choir led the responses of the solemn Divine Liturgy.

The future priest, Dn Sabin, offered the day’s sermon. Then, just after the Hymn of the Cherubim, prostrating himself three times, he was led forward from the entrance of the church by the Archdeacon. At the Royal Doors, the priests took him in hand, circling the holy Table three times, and directing him to dedicate himself to it by kissing each corner, and prostrating himself before the hierarch. With each circuit, one of the tropars “O holy Martyrs”, “Glory to you Christ God” and “Dance Isaiah” was sung by the clergy and then the choir. The deacon knelt at the corner of the holy Table and the Archbishop ordained him to the holy Priesthood by prayer and the “Laying on of hands”. The candidate was presented to the people with the hierarch saying, “He is worthy!” (Vrednic este!) The clergy,  the faithful, and the choir responded in agreement, “He is worthy!”, and the vestments of a priest were put on him.

Father Sabin has served as Deacon of the Cathedral for some four years. Now, appointed as its Assistant Priest, we pray the parish will be blessed with added joy and vigor, and that, as God wills, it will grow both in numbers and in giving glory to our Lord.

There was also another special feature of the day. At the end of the Liturgy, prayers of
Thanksgiving were offered to mark the 80
th Anniversary since the Founding Congress of our Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America. That historic event took place at the original St George church in Detroit, and Sunday we were blessed to celebrate this special event in the Romanian Orthodox community of North America.

From the church, the crowd of some 300 people moved to the St George Hall of the Cathedral Cultural Center, for a festive dinner offered by the parish in honor of the newly ordained priest. We thank those who offered financial assistance, and Mrs Karen Persichino and John E Lazar who were responsible for all the necessary event arrangements. The tables were colorfully decorated with flowers. A delicious Romanian menu was prepared for everyone’s enjoyment by Mrs Emilia Barbu and committee, and fresh fruits and pastries were presented for dessert. Seated at the dais were: the
Archbishop, Fr Laurence & Preoteasa Anita Lazar, Fr Sabin & Preoteasa Ramona Pop, Council President Mr George & Viorica Placinta, and Reader Alex Radulescu. The President, Dean, newly ordained, and Archbishop were introduced by MC John E Lazar to offer remarks; as was childhood friend Fr Dionisie. (Also present were Fr Leonte & Psa Mary Copacia of St Raphael Church, Detroit.)
The event concluded with the singing of “Shine! Shine, O New Jerusalem!” and, with our prayers and commitment to the future of the parish, Sunday at the Cathedral was truly a bright, happy day for the Church!


SabinOrd 2.jpg (88091 bytes)
(Diaconeasa) Ramona & her Finii at Liturgy
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The deacons begin the Great Litany
  SabinOrd 3.jpg (85825 bytes)
Archdeacon David at the Anniversary service
SPopOrdPR26APR09 011x.jpg (82900 bytes)
A Radulescu is made a reader before Liturgy
  SPopOrdPR26APR09 032x.jpg (92504 bytes)
Priests & candidate circle the Altar
  SPopOrdPR26APR09 049x.jpg (82142 bytes)
The Archbishop reads the prayers of ordination
SPopOrdPR26APR09 095x.jpg (89066 bytes)
Fr Sabin carefully holds "the Lamb"
  SPopOrdPR26APR09 065x.jpg (106694 bytes)
Clergy during the reciting of the Creed
  SabinOrd 1.jpg (119273 bytes)
Fr Laurence offers remarks at end of service
SabinOrd 5.jpg (78615 bytes)
Serving clergy with the new priest Sabin
  SabinOrd 6.jpg (113739 bytes)
The head table at the festive dinner
  SabinOrd 7.jpg (55471 bytes)
Friends and parishioners greet the new priest
SabinOrd 8.jpg (71184 bytes)
G & F Babiciu with Fr & Psa Pop
  SabinOrd 9.jpg (72891 bytes)
Fr & Psa Lazar with Fr & Psa Pop
  SabinOrd 10.jpg (71922 bytes)
The Chira family (cousins of Fr Sabin)
SabinOrd 11.jpg (95686 bytes)
Red, yellow & blue flowers on the tables
  SabinOrd 12.jpg (79382 bytes)
Members of "Romanasul" Ensemble in costume
  SabinOrd 13.jpg (79206 bytes)
Part of the artistic buffet at the dinner
SabinOrd 15.jpg (54924 bytes)
Partial view of the elegant dinner in St George Hall
  SabinOrd 14.jpg (99525 bytes)
A variety of home-made desserts were prepared
  SabinOrd 16.jpg (55890 bytes)
Fr Laurence speaks to the crowd
SabinOrd 17.jpg (84985 bytes)
Archbishop Nathaniel gives remarks
  SabinOrd 19.jpg (56890 bytes)
Members of Cathedral Jr & Sr AROY offer flowers
  SabinOrd 18.jpg (79024 bytes)
Fr Sabin Pop addresses the audience
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