HOLY WEEK | Saptamana Patimilor 
27 March - 3 April 2010


Sambata lui Lazar



Fr Sabin at the Great Entrance during Liturgy
Children's procession at conclusion of Liturgy

Prsa. Anita rearranges a cultural display

Prsa. Ramona cleans the display cases

Fr Laurence offers his artwork to the Ladies Bake Sale
Council members prepare the Palm Sunday meal

Dozens of cabbage heads were shredded

Head cook Mariana Tipa prepares her specialties
One of the main lobby's newly arranged displays

Duminica Floriilor



Palms & willows are blessed during Matins

The Cathedral was full for the Liturgy

Mamaliga makers take pride in their work

The Ladies Auxiliary sold a variety of goods

Jr AROY's annual Lenten "Footrpints" project ends

Sfantul Maslu



Seven candles are used, one for each Gospel that is read in this service

"Maslu" is a service of healing for the sick

The faithful are annointed with the blessed oil

During each reading, the priests cover the people with their vestments

People venerated the Gospel, cross & relic of St Panteleimon

a Celor 12 Evanghelii



Fr Sabin reads the Gospel in Romanian

Fr Laurence reads the first of the 12 passion Gospels

The beginning in the Triod book of the Holy Thursday Passion service

Fr Sabin sounds the "toaca" before service

The Crucified Christ is placed in the center of the Church
The 2 large candleabra each had 6 candles (1 for each Gospel)

The opening Psalm of Vespers is read

Fr Laurence censes the crucified Christ

The Gospel of the entire Passion & Burial is read
Prohodul Domnului

The Tomb of the now buried Christ is adorned with flowers & candles

The Archbishop celebrated the service

Faithful sing the 3 "stasis" of Lamentations

It is a solemn service of lamenting at the Tomb

Younger generation learn to sing the special hymns

Clergy lead the faithful in the Lamentations

"Pace in biserici, lumii mantuire..." (Peace in
the Church, salvation for the world...)

The church is dim as the somber hymns continue

Men of the Council carry the Epitaf (Shroud)

A Litany is sung on each side of the Cathedral

Altar servers lead the procession around church (now the Tomb of Christ)
The procession circles the church 3 times

The archbishop waits to re-enter the Church

Faithful pass under the shroud and re-enter the Church

By passing underneath the shroud...

The faithful symbolically enter into the Tomb...

With the buried Christ who is with us there
AROY members again kept vigil in the night
Sambata Mare

The Gospel is proclaimed in front of the tomb

The priests are now vested in white vestments

Much cleaning takes place to prepare for the Resurrection services

Men of the parish again faithfully prepare the "Pasti" for distribution

Our dedicated caretakers change all the dark candles to white

The Pasti (blessed bread & wine) is a custom in most of Romania



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