31 December 2009

Friends and family said farewell to 2009 and welcomed 2010 with a wonderful night here at our Cultural Center. For many years, our parish hosted New Year’s Eve and came together to enjoy this special evening. We are happy that this tradition has been renewed for a fourth consecutive year!

Preparations began several weeks in advance, with menus, decorations, ticket sales and more. Although this year's crowd was much smaller than usual, we know that everyone enjoyed the wonderfully elegant and beautifully presented night. Candles and lights twinkled and set a mood of elegance that was immediately appreciated by our guests, who enjoyed a wonderful appetizer buffet from 7 to 9pm. Remarks of welcome and opening prayer were offered by Fr Laurence Lazar and Fr Sabin Pop. Guests applauded in appreciation for the food they were enjoying and the night that lay ahead. From 9pm, the main buffet offered a variety of traditional foods like sarmale, pork loin, baked chicken, vegetables, salad and more. Between courses, guests danced to the live music of Soloist Dorel Fort and his fantastic orchestra "Hora Banatului".

Just after 11pm, everyone was invited into the Cathedral for a special service of Thanksgiving for the year ending, and the new one we were welcoming. Hundreds of candles illuminated the church and a true sense of thanksgiving and Christian love filled the hearts and faces of those who knelt in prayer. Several guests commented on how moving it was to pray together as part of the special evening.

When guests returned to the Cultural Center the countdown to 2010 began, champagne corks popped while the orchestra sang “La mulţi ani” and everyone toasted their glasses and offered good wishes to one another. The dance floor immediately filled again, as others sampled the dessert buffet in Metes Hall. Later, a delicious "masa de peste" (variety of fish)  was served as a traditional sign of "good luck" for the new year.  Friends and family danced until the early hours of the morning, all in an elegant, respectful, family atmosphere that was much appreciated by everyone. It was another real example of “Cathedral hospitality” and Romanian family that I am very proud to call my own. One guest was even heard commenting "never did I think that such a beautiful Romanian Church and atmosphere existed here in America!"

On behalf of myself personally, the parish and all who took part, I offer thanks to everyone who helped make “Revelion 2010” so memorable. In particular, profound thanks are extended to the following: Mrs Emilia  & Mr Virgil Barbu (kitchen/food), assisted by Mr Gheorghe & Mrs Viorica Placinta,  Mr Virgil J Barbu; to Mr Gheorghe & Mrs Florica Babiciu (our wonderful caretakers) and Dorina Babiciu; to  Psa Anita Lazar, Psa Ramona Pop, Mrs Ielita Daba, Ana Lazar, Maranda Tipa, Marius Sidau; to Mrs Cezarina Hritcu (office secretary) and Mr Viorel Nikodin; and everyone else who contributed to the success of New Year’s Eve 2010. Your patience, love and dedication will be rewarded – and may God bless our entire Cathedral family in the New Year. We look forward to welcoming many more into our family! Anul Nou cu sănătate şi bucurie!

John E Lazar, Chairman


NYE10 1.jpg (55701 bytes)
The large hall was elegantly decorated
  NYE10 2.jpg (59964 bytes)
Beautifully arranged appetizers were served
  NYE10 3.jpg (57462 bytes)
Guests sample appetizers before dinner
NYE10 4.jpg (48296 bytes)
Frs Lazar & Pop lead the opening prayer
  NYE10 5.jpg (58839 bytes)
Some of the young ladies in attendance
  NYE10 6.jpg (59096 bytes)
A wonderful main course buffet was offered
NYE10 7.jpg (76628 bytes)
Delicious home-made foods were prepared
  NYE10 8.jpg (64731 bytes)  
Elena & Carmen smile for the camera
  NYE10 9.jpg (25695 bytes)
Candles illuminated the Cathedral before midnight
NYE10 10.jpg (52459 bytes)
Guests enjoy the menu prepared for them
  NYE10 11.jpg (62879 bytes)  
Dancing was enjoyed by everyone during the night
  NYE10 12.jpg (35368 bytes)
Faithful lit candles & prayed for the New Year
NYE10 13.jpg (31773 bytes)
Soloist Dorel Fort entertained the crowd
  NYE10 14.jpg (29992 bytes)  
Couples danced in the New Year 
  NYE10 15.jpg (37235 bytes)
Many guests joined in the "Te Deum" service
NYE10 16.jpg (41409 bytes)
Fr Sabin Pop reads from the Gospel
  NYE10 17.jpg (53750 bytes)  
Candles symbolize our prayers to God
  NYE10 18.jpg (55212 bytes)
Happy New Year... welcome 2010!
NYE10 19.jpg (38163 bytes)
The Chivu family wishes "La multi ani"
  NYE10 20.jpg (53007 bytes)  
Some Cathedral members who took part 
  NYE10 21.jpg (33246 bytes)
Friends and family join on the dance floor
NYE10 22.jpg (52728 bytes)
Vasile & Nancy enjoy a dance together
  NYE10 23.jpg (40453 bytes)  
Mr Grigorean offers his energetic New Year poem
  NYE10 24.jpg (38931 bytes)
Guests enjoy their evening together
NYE10 25.jpg (39885 bytes)
Dorina, Ana & Fr Laurence enjoy the night
      NYE10 26.jpg (55353 bytes)
Dancing sarba, hora, invertita and more
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