The 4th Annual
4 & 5 October 2008

THANK YOU to everyone who helped produce our 4th Annual Festival! First of all, it was another successful opportunity to open the doors of the Cathedral and to reveal the truth and beauty of our Orthodox faith to people from across the metro area. That’s our mission in this community. And, second, it was a means of highlighting the wonderfully rich Romanian heritage of our Founders and of our faithful members.

This annual event is a vital fundraiser for our parish and, necessarily, a huge undertaking for us. Each year, every effort is made so that the experience gained from the festival will benefit
next year’s festival. So, could more have been done? Could more have helped? Could even more have attended (including our own people)? Could it be made even more successful? Sure. With more volunteers, more sponsors, etc. we trust that more can and will be done.  In fact, the wheels are already turning for next year's 5th Festival!

In the words of our guests, their impressions were, “What a great Festival!” “I’m happy that you’re keeping the Romanian traditions alive.“ “Everything was so nice.” “Your church is just beautiful.” “We had a great time.” “The food was wonderful.” “I absolutely love the display of costumes.” “This was very, very nice.”

Those involved can rest now. Our 4
th Festival was “A Good Thing” anyway you look at it, so Thank You to Chairman John E Lazar, Co-Chair Dn Sabin Pop, the cooks, our generous Sponsors, the ad book supporters, all who attended, and everyone who worked so hard in a hundred different areas! God will reward you.   

Father Laurence


Marius prepares new flowers outside
Mike Kalugar Sr in the courtyard
Pat Klus arranges the fresh 'uscatele'

Kitchen workers with (supervisor) Psa Eleonora
Hundreds of fresh placinte were made
Dan & Mimi smile for the camera

Bob & Virgil
Elizabeth & Mihaela
Livia & Dan make huge batches of mamaliga

Prsa Lazar with grandson & great grandchildren
Zoita rolls dough for the placinte
Preoteasa Anita in costume with guests

Lisa Gallu at the main entrance table
Anna at her first festival with John E
Part of the rare costume exhibit in the library

Luminita Pop at "Buna's Bakery"
Gideon Cook & Paul Hunt on the grills
Ron Muresan at the "Crama" wine cellar

More costumes that were displayed all weekend
Part of the display of provincial costumes
Raffles for special prizes were held

Guests visiting the museum display
Sharon Ivascu & Lillian Fedorovici in costume
The giftshop was busy all weekend

John E & Diana at the Placinte booth
"Romanasul" group performing a dance
Even the youngest show their Romanian pride

Parishioners proudly wore their national costumes
Psa E Lazar with granddaughter Ana & Christine Placinta
More costumes show the variety of Romania

Expert babysitter Christine with Anna
Friends smile as they enjoy the festival
Some of the children from the "Miorita" play

Our heritage is alive and well in our children
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