The 5th Annual
19 & 20 September 2009

It’s hard to believe that our 5th Romanian Festival has already come and gone! Weeks, in fact months of preparations by a few very dedicated individuals, along with many helping hands and kind hearts all helped make this year’s RomFest the largest and most successful to date! 

The weather could not have been better… as we moved this year’s event a few weeks earlier to try and take advantage of the end of summer! The grounds were spruced up to put our best forward for our guests. The ladies spent days baking in the kitchen… the office telephones rang off the hook… Emails and inquiries came in and out as people eagerly made plans to attend.

We were happy to again welcome His Grace Bishop IRINEU and Fr Sebastian who were with us throughout the weekend. Of course, we were thrilled to offer the renowned folklore ensemble JUNII SIBIULUI, their orchestra, with soloists Mariana Anghel, (Fr) Cristian Pomohaci, Daniel Rosalim, and Anca Marginean, who entertained everyone with dances and songs from across the provinces of Romania. Additionally, we thank RAPSODIA ensemble of Windsor for again performing and our ROMANASUL ensemble for their program composed and directed by Dna Violeta Viorica Maria Balasa.

A great variety of home-made foods satisfied our guests… tocana de pui, mamaliga cu branza, thousands of hand-rolled sarmale and mititei, salads, clatite, placinte cu branza, “timisoreana” beer, assortments of imported wines, freshly pressed grape “must”, and more! The lines throughout Saturday and Sunday in the main hall, the courtyard gratar (grill), gradina café, bar and crama (wine cellar) told the story.

Generous families and businesses from the parish and friends of our community contributed to our well-received ad-book, which is an important source of income for the festival. Specialty t-shirts again were a popular hit with new designs added for this year! A market-place at the outdoor Café set a good foundation for an expanded area next year… and the children’s area, complete with real horse and pony rides was a big hit for everyone!

Crowds moved around the complex, taking advantage of tours in the Cathedral, our beautiful services, the gift-shop, bakery, museum room, special displays, etc. Everyone was orderly and appreciative of not only our facility, but the organization of and purpose of this festival. It is quickly growing into a great source of pride not just for the Cathedral but in the eyes of the public on behalf of our Romanian community here in Detroit.

Several comments were made by our guests, complimenting the attractions and food. Neighbors and friends of parishioners, visitors from Ann Arbor, Ohio and Romania all expressed their satisfaction and assured us of their return in the future!

Each name that contributed to RomFest09 cannot be mentioned here, but a heart-felt thank you is offered to our organizing committee: Fr Laurence (Supervision) & Psa Anita Lazar (Museum), Fr Sabin (Supervision) & Psa Ramona Pop (Museum), Gheorghe & Viorica Placinta (Kitchen & Bar), Virgil & Emilia Barbu (Kitchen), Anne Sidau (Museum), Ana Camelia Vasilescu (Vendors), Maranda Tipa (Café)… with each of their committee members and helpers! Participation was open to the entire parish starting in June, and these good people stepped forward to give an extra effort that cannot be appreciated in words alone. So, along with the many volunteers (young and old) who offered a helping hand during the weekend itself, we should all thank them for their dedication and hard-work. Also, we   acknowledge Cezarina Hritcu (Office Secretary), Gheorghe & Florica Babiciu (Caretakers), Fred Klus (Treasurer), for their special efforts. It should also be recognized that parishioners opened their homes to host our entertainers for almost an entire week! For this generous effort, we thank Fam. Viorel Nikodin, Fam. Vasile Cocariu. These people all gave of themselves for the good of our church, and for that Our Lord will reward them.

Yes, we could have made more money… yes, there could be more people… yes, we need more volunteers… yes, even more advanced planning is necessary… yes, increased sponsorships and supports is essential… yes, several people could have stepped forward physically and financially (without being asked or even begged to help) in support of the event but chose not to.    However, we can also say without any doubt, that YES! It was a great success… YES! The more than 1,500 people that attended had a wonderful time… YES! The good name of our Cathedral as the mother church of Detroit’s Romanian community was again maintained and elevated to new heights… YES! People young and old left “cu o voie buna” (a good feeling) in their hearts and minds and will hopefully return again to us soon! These realities are just as important as any dollar made. I hope we are all proud of who we are, and will continue to open our doors to all who enter…

An event such as this takes more work than most can imagine. If, however, we remember that what we do is for the Glory of God and His Church, in the name of our Romanian-American community… and if we offer these gifts with a good heart and proper spirit, then Our Lord will not only take care  of us, but will help strengthen us to increase our good works and parish for the future. This church belongs to all who choose to make it their home. We must embrace this responsibility and share our treasures for   its benefit, and by doing so we will benefit  as well!

Thank you again to all of you, those known and unknown… and we look forward to an even brighter and more successful Festival in 2010!

Vă mulţumim din suflet!

John E Lazar, General Chairman


DSC00356.JPG (3133465 bytes)
Dan makes lots and lots of mamaliga
  DSC00359.JPG (3237456 bytes)
Laura, JE Lazar & Ina take a break for a picture
  DSC00363.JPG (2904159 bytes)
"Romanasul" ensemble performs a suite of songs
DSC00371.JPG (3411559 bytes)
Ramona with Sebastian before taking a ride
  DSC00374.JPG (3141097 bytes)
The horse & pony rides were a huge hit
  DSC00382.JPG (3152014 bytes)
Ana Vasilescu displays her artwork
DSC00383.JPG (2996955 bytes)
"Jeanie's Gems", by the Mihaiu family
  DSC00384.JPG (3016058 bytes)
Monica Bortos sells her cosmetic products
  DSC00398.JPG (3299757 bytes)
Anca Marginean of Sibiu was a guest soloist
DSC00405.JPG (2964202 bytes)
Cornel Ivascu sells mititei at the outdoor grill
  DSC00408.JPG (3286990 bytes)
Home-made pastries were sold at the bakery
  DSC00417.JPG (3028205 bytes)
Caretakers Florica & Gheorghe in costume
DSC00421.JPG (3168201 bytes)
The ladies display some of their baked goods
  DSC00425.JPG (3108408 bytes)
Vasile with a dancer from Junii Sibiului
  DSC00426.JPG (2751345 bytes)
Ina & Laura prepare orders at the main buffet
DSC00427.JPG (3127848 bytes)
The "mamaliga girls" are all smiles on quick break
  DSC00430.JPG (3125039 bytes)
Hand-embroidered blouses proudly displayed 
  DSC00431.JPG (2980857 bytes)
The dance floor was full all weekend long
DSC00437.JPG (2910924 bytes)
Gabrielle & Zach show off their new shirts
  DSC00440.JPG (3240749 bytes)
Alexandru smiles as he takes a ride 
  DSC00455.JPG (3295504 bytes)
Sandra & Ioana selling raffle tickets
DSC00464.JPG (2766588 bytes)
Virgil & Nick with adopted Romanian bartender
  DSC00473.JPG (3090093 bytes)
Cezar, Fr Sabin, Nicoleta, & Vlad
  DSC00475.JPG (2928830 bytes)
G Babiciu & V Nikodin at the Crama
DSC00477.JPG (2901625 bytes)
G Vincent & M Cristache selling tickets
  DSC00478.JPG (3210979 bytes)
Cezarina was busy at the parish gift shop
  DSC00483.JPG (3003417 bytes)
Laurie & Sue make clatite in the cafe
DSC00485.JPG (3173273 bytes)
Maria shows off her new purchase with a smile
  DSC00489.JPG (3412001 bytes)
Stephen (the Romanian cowboy) takes a ride
  DSC00501.JPG (3148121 bytes)
"Junii Sibiului" with Cathedral clergy
DSC00508.JPG (3184988 bytes)
The bishop & Placintas, Lazars, Pops, &  Barbus
  DSC00528.JPG (3220188 bytes)
Friends smile as they enjoy the festival
  DSC00543.JPG (2964770 bytes)
Even the littlest enjoyed the weekend
DSC00546.JPG (3027968 bytes)
 Guests enjoy the "hora" as the orchestra plays
  DSC00550.JPG (2908968 bytes)
Ioana & friend smile for the camera
  DSC02114.JPG (2380003 bytes)
 Thousands of mititei were made by hand
DSC02133.JPG (2347966 bytes)
 Luminita prepares vegetables for the salad
  DSC02138.JPG (2534505 bytes)
The Simians loaned their hand-made "poarta"/ gate
  DSC02139.JPG (2342606 bytes)
 Mariana Tipa was in charge of the clatite
DSC02146.JPG (2008060 bytes)
 "Fonelogic" reps take a photo together
  DSC02148.JPG (2462310 bytes)
Carmen & Leah selling the unique t-shirt line
  DSC02151.JPG (2374283 bytes)
 Maranda shows her expertise on the grill
DSC02157.JPG (2409384 bytes)
 The weather was perfect all weekend
  DSC02163.JPG (2206264 bytes)
The "Crama" sold a variety of wines and 'must'
  DSC02323.JPG (2425639 bytes)
 Michael, Greg & Virgil (our utility workers)
DSC02196.JPG (1943243 bytes)
 "Junii" performs on the main stage
  DSC02202.JPG (1956099 bytes)
A partial view of the main hall on Saturday
  DSC02209.JPG (2215894 bytes)
 Partial view of crowded Metes Hall 
DSC02214.JPG (2046512 bytes)
 View of the main stage under "stema si tricolor"
  DSC02221.JPG (2100860 bytes)
Preoteasa Lazar with her student Mitch
  DSC02224.JPG (1862115 bytes)
(Fr) Cristian Pomohaci performed Saturday 
DSC02227.JPG (2216370 bytes)
 Cristina with her friend smile for the camera
  DSC02231.JPG (2156815 bytes)
Maranda & Ana show off their worker t-shirts
  DSC02245.JPG (2277114 bytes)
 Mihaela & Bob take a turn serving at the Crama
DSC02246.JPG (2041341 bytes)
 Junii dancers thrill the audience on Sunday
  DSC02251.JPG (1754514 bytes)
The Romanian "tricolor" was proudly displayed
  DSC02252.JPG (2002141 bytes)
 Soloists Daniel Rosalim & Mariana Anghel
DSC02253.JPG (1830949 bytes)
 Junii dancers show a variety of costumes
  DSC02269.JPG (2159978 bytes)
Mariana Anghel offered a "priceasna" at Liturgy
  DSC02274.JPG (2051087 bytes)
 Faithful came forward to receive Holy Communion
DSC02289.JPG (2257138 bytes)
 Bishop Irineu offers the sermon in the Cathedral
  DSC02297.JPG (2325539 bytes)
Children come forward to venerate the cross
  DSC02298.JPG (2498904 bytes)
 Clergy who served at the Sunday Liturgy
DSC02314.JPG (2174898 bytes)
 Anthony, John, Ana, & Elizabeth all helped out
  DSC02315.JPG (2337087 bytes)
Some members of "Romanasul" Ensemble
  DSC02317.JPG (2182678 bytes)
 Claudia serves wine at the Crama
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