Baptistry 1980s
Icon of the Mother of God
Iconostas 1980s

Icon of
The Resurrection
of Our Lord
Cathedral Interior 1980s
Icon of
The Nativity
of Our Lord

Icon of
The Baptism
of Our Lord
Paschal Candle
Icon of
The Presentation
of Our Lord

Tomb of Christ on
Good Friday
Burial Shroud of Christ
in the Tomb
Just before Midnight
Pascha 2006

The Altar 2004
Pascha 2004
Interior from Balcony

Detail of the large cross atop the main tower
Looking south-west, winter 2005
Candles adorn the Baptistry at Christmas

St Nicholas Icon
(detail on iconostas)
Mother of God Icon
(detail on iconostas)
Archangel Michael Icon
(detail on iconostas)

A detail of the patterned cut-glass windows
52 mosaics ring the outer walls of the Cathedral
Summer of 2005

Looking NE, early 1960s
Shortly after the consecration, early 1960s

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