Carnati09 1.jpg (59543 bytes)
Mike Reed prepares fresh sausage for sale
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Gideon Cook weighs out orders of "carnati"
  Concert09 1.jpg (57629 bytes)
Memorial for "heroes of the Romanian Revolution"
Concert09 2.jpg (50432 bytes)
Ina explains Romanian Christmas customs in America
  Concert09 3.jpg (49678 bytes)
Jessica, Dana & Psa Anita sing "Trei Pastori"
  Concert09 4.jpg (51057 bytes)
Some of the children recite a Romanian poem
Concert09 5.jpg (47319 bytes)
Remembering 20 years since the Revolution
  Concert09 6.jpg (52362 bytes)
Some members of Romanasul re-create caroling in the village
  Concert09 7.jpg (42975 bytes)
The Chivu family waits for Mos Craciun
Concert09 8.jpg (46512 bytes)
Some people are never too old for Santa
  Colinde09 1.jpg (55398 bytes)
Some of the "colindatorii" take a quick photo 
  Colinde09 2.jpg (58394 bytes)
Sharing the good news of the Nativity
Colinde09 3.jpg (62099 bytes)
Dana and Madalina show off their santa hats
  Colinde09 4.jpg (52914 bytes)
O ce veste minunata... O a miracle a wonder
  Colinde09 5.jpg (55601 bytes)
Carolers traveled across the city to visit homes
Colinde09 6.jpg (58979 bytes)
Happy hosts welcomed the carolers to their home
  ChristmasEve09 1.jpg (58159 bytes)
Hristos s-a Nascut! Mariti-l!
  ChristmasEve09 2.jpg (50326 bytes)
The Cathedral was aglow with candlelight on Christmas Eve
ChristmasEve09 3.jpg (65658 bytes)
Fr Laurence reads the Gospel at vigil
  Christmas09 1.jpg (37982 bytes)
Faithful light candles on Christmas morning
  Christmas09 2.jpg (45927 bytes)
Archbishop Nathaniel blesses with Holy Water
Christmas09 3.jpg (45417 bytes)
The Archbishop gives the blessing at the reception
  Christmas09 4.jpg (72050 bytes)
The Cathedral is decorated with flowers
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Sarbatori Fericite... Happy Holidays!

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