HOLY WEEK 2009 | Saptamana Mare 
11-18 April 2009


Sambata lui Lazar


LazSat09 1.jpg (74339 bytes)
Consecration of the Holy Gifts during Liturgy
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Children's procession at conclusion of Liturgy
  LazSat09 3.jpg (59572 bytes)
Some of the children carry icons & ring bells
LazSat09 4.jpg (77335 bytes)
Preparations for the Annual Fish Dinner
  LazSat09 5.jpg (48151 bytes)
Cantors lead responses at Great Vespers

Duminica Floriilor


DumFlor09 2.jpg (120307 bytes)
Blessing of palms & willows during Matins
  DumFlor09 3.jpg (50303 bytes)
Part of the crowd at the Annual Fish Dinner
  DumFlor09 1.jpg (47671 bytes)
It was a bright and beautiful day
DumFlor09 4.jpg (50821 bytes)
Jr AROY's annual Lenten "Footrpints" project ends

Sfantul Maslu


Maslu09 1.jpg (95216 bytes)
Faithful come forward & kneel under the Gospel
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"Maslu" is a service of healing for the sick
  Maslu09 3.jpg (95631 bytes)
Candles in flour with oil represent 7 Gospels

a Celor 12 Evanghelii


12Gosp09 3.jpg (99679 bytes)
The cross is placed in the center of the church
  12Gosp09 2.jpg (51000 bytes)
Faithful kneel at the start of the service
  12Gosp09 1.jpg (80695 bytes)
Venerating the cross of the crucified Christ
Prohodul Domnului
Prohod09 2.jpg (52444 bytes)
The choir prepares to lead the responses
  Prohod09 1.jpg (104540 bytes)
The Tomb of Christ adorned with flowers
  Prohod09 3.jpg (58918 bytes)
Clergy lead the faithful in singing "lamentations"
Prohod09 4.jpg (66833 bytes)
Pious & faithful parishioners hold candles
  Prohod09 5.jpg (87396 bytes)
The Archbishop prepares to pass under the Shroud
  Prohod09 6.jpg (87586 bytes)
Council members hold the "epitaf"
Prohod09 7.jpg (47380 bytes)
The procession circles the church 3 times
  Prohod09 8.jpg (67664 bytes)
Fr Laurence holds the Gospel in the procession
  Prohod09 9.jpg (43844 bytes)
Faithful process by the entrance of the Cathedral
Prohod09 10.jpg (82188 bytes)
People return into the church under the shroud
  Prohod09 11.jpg (137658 bytes)
The cross, now stands silent after Christ's burial
  Vigil09 1.jpg (39275 bytes)
AROY members kept vigil throughout the night
Sambata Mare
HolySat09 1.jpg (87633 bytes)
Dedicated men again prepare the "Pasti"
  HolySat09 2.jpg (52864 bytes)
Cleaning the church, preparing for midnight
  HolySat09 3.jpg (85934 bytes)
Young people stayed to help decorate
HolySat09 4.jpg (65415 bytes)
Dn Sabin reveals the white covers at Liturgy
  HolySat09 5.jpg (85005 bytes)
Fr Laurence, now in white, with the Chalice
  HolySat09 6.jpg (65751 bytes)
The Altar table awaits the Resurrection service



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