The Resurrection of Christ "Invierea Domnului"
Midnight Matins & Liturgy; Vespers "A Doua Invierii"
27 April 2008


Banners & flags lead the procession
Faithful listen to the news of the Resurrection
Altar Servers stand outside the Church

The Church was filled on the "Feasts of Feasts"
Deacons read the Sermon of St John
Hundreds gathered outside the Church

Customs continued at the "agape" reception
The Archbishop blesses faithful at the reception
The Archbishop blesses the food and "Pasti"

Many brought paschal baskets to be blessed
A group of AROY members take a photo
The procession comes to the front of the Cathedral

Candles light the silent Church after the services
Fr & Preoteasa Lazar, Dn & Diaconeasa Pop
Leaving the church in procession

The toaca sounds as the procession passes
Clergy in procession just after midnight
Faithful gather outside the now empty Church-Tomb

Hundreds stand outside to hear the Gospel
Hristos a Inviat!
Adevarat a Inviat!
Come, take the light! Veniti de primiti luminia!

The procession at Vespers later that day
The Gospel is again proclaimed
Deacon Sabin carries the paschal candle

Even the youngest share in the Resurrection
The Good News is announced at Vespers
Christ is Risen!
Truly He is Risen!

Guests from Romania with Mrs Predeteanu
Fr Laurence at the Paschal Vespers

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