HOLY PASCHA 2009 | Invierea Domnului 
19 April 2009


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Come take the light! Veniti de primiti lumina!
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The Church begins to fill to candle-light
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Faithful exit the church during the procession
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Altar Servers lead the procession 
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The "toaca" sounds as the procession passes
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The Gospel is proclaimed by the Archbishop

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Crowds gather outside the Cathedral
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Listening quietly to the Gospel reading
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Part of the view of the faithful outside
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The Church is filled with those participating
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Christ is Risen! 
Hristos a Inviat!
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The deacons read the Sermon of St John

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Faithful hold candles throughout the service
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Red eggs are symbols of the Resurrection
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Paschal baskets are blessed at the reception

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The Cathedral early in the morning on Easter
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Jr AROY "thank you" for their Footprints project
a Doua Invierii
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Participants process again around the church
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The Gospel is read in 
10 languages
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Fr Laurence at the dismissal of Vespers

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Reading of the Gospel at the doors outside
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The church is decorated with flowers
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Parishioners greet Father with "Hristos a inviat!"
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Preotese listen to the Gospel reading



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