4 April 2010


Fr Laurence prepared the proscomedia for the main chalice

Come, take the light! Veniti de primiti lumina!

The darkened Church begins to fill with light

The toaca sounds as the bells begin to ring

Faithful outside listen to the Gospel reading

The Gospel is proclaimed by the Archbishop


Crowds gather outside the Cathedral

Listening quietly to the Gospel reading

His Eminence and clergy at the main doors

Choir members sing "Hristos a inviat!"

Christ is Risen! 
Hristos a Inviat!

Parishioners carefully hold their "Paschal light"


"Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered..."

... But let the righteous be glad!"

Participants fill the Cathedral for Liturgy


A partial view of the Cathedral's "Archbishop Valerian" Choir

Frs Pop & Lazar read the Sermon of St John
Archbishop Nathaniel listens to the Paschal sermon from the throne

Clergy who served the Resurrection services

A wonderful reception is held each year

Traditional Paschal baskets and foods are blessed

The Cathedral, now aglow with new life sits silent in the early morning

The moon looks down in the darkness over the brightly lit Cathedral
a Doua Invierii

Participants process again around the church

The Gospel is read in 
11 languages

Marius Sidau sounds the toaca once more


Reading of the Gospel at the doors outside

Even the youngest enjoy the special day

Clergy take turns reading the Gospel with faithful



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