Good Friday Lamentations "Prohodul Domnului"
25 April 2008


The procession circles the church 3 times
Faithful pass under the shroud & enter the church
Some of the children also sing in the choir

Old Testament Patriarchs look down on the cross
Young boys respectfully assisted the procession
Holy God! Holy Mighty! Holy Immortal!

Deacons lead the Epitaf out of the Cathedral
Faithful sing the lamentions at the Tomb
The Tomb of Christ, adorned with flowers

The Tomb is sprinkled with rose water
Fr Laurence waits for the Epitaf to re-enter
Dn Sabin, Fr Laurence & Dn David at the Tomb

Christine takes a turn reading from the Psalms at the Tomb of Christ
Alex reads at the Tomb in the middle of the night

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