The parish community is lead by the parish priest and a council which is elected each year by the members in good standing.  These individuals are chosen to lead the activities and events of the Cathedral by their Christian example. Many members of the Parish Council spend countless hours working at or for the church and encourage others to do the same. The Dean, presidents of the Ladies Auxiliary and AROY chapters, and the parish’s delegates to the Archdiocesan Congress are all ex-officio members on the Parish Council.

President: George Teodorescu
Vice President: Cornel Ivascu
Secretary: Ana Camelia Vasilescu
Treasurer: Mihaela Charlier


It is said that the women are the right hand of the parish. Although it was in existence since the founding of the parish, the organization known today was formally re-established in 1929. Although we are ever grateful for the countless hours spent preparing meals and cleaning in the kitchen, the organization has dedicated itself to raising funds to aid not only the Cathedral and its endeavors, but also to reach out to sister parishes and other worthy causes. They are the local presence of National ARFORA (Association of Romanian Orthodox Ladies Auxiliaries of America).

President: Angela Muntean


Cathedral Junior & Senior AROY are local chapters of The American Romanian Orthodox Youth.  They exist to provide young people with a religious, charitable and social organization within the larger umbrella of the parish.  Using their talents and abilities, they contribute to the parish...raising funds, laboring where necessary, working in the community, and participating in the religious life of the Church. The Cathedral has been home to organizations for youth and young adults since the 1930’s. Since the national organization was formulated in the 1940’s and 50’s, the parish’s youth have been among its strongest supporters.  They learn about their faith, culture and community, developing friendships that last forever.

Senior AROY President: Dr Victor Marinescu
Junior AROY President: Carmen Ureche


An essential part of Orthodox Christian worship is the role of the Choir and liturgical Cantors.  These dedicated people, along with the clergy, are responsible for leading the people in prayer.  The group was honored to be given the name, The “Archbishop Valerian” Choir, by Archbishop Nathaniel in humble remembrance of the late Archbishop Valerian who was so dear to the parish. The choir has a proud history, from the founding days of the parish, of participating in the various liturgical services, as well as performing in cultural programs. Its membership is of mixed voices (SATB) is comprised of young and old, American-born and newly-arrived from Romania, and numbers approximately 40 members currently. We are always accepting new singers who wish to dedicate their talents to the Lord.  Likewise, the Cantors hold an important role by leading the responses of the faithful at weekday services, baptisms, funerals, and other special services throughout the year. The cantor is specially trained in the melodies and specific liturgical tones of the Church, and contributes through special hymns, etc.,  bringing an added, essential beauty to the services.

Choir Director: John E Lazar
Assistant Director: Preoteasa Anita Lazar
Cantors: JE Lazar


One of the most important and delicate roles the church has is to educate the children in their Orthodox Faith.  Currently, the Cathedral Church School has a potential enrollment of approximately 80 students.  Ages range from preschool through high school.  A group of dedicated teachers volunteer their time and talents so that each child has the opportunity to grow spiritually as a child of God. It is, however, the absolute responsibility of parents to not only be sure that their children are present and on time for the services and classes, but also to continue to set a Christian example during their daily lives.

Director: Preoteasa Anita Lazar
Coordinator: Fr Sabin Pop


The “golden years” of life are best spent with family and friends. The Senior Members Association offers monthly social gatherings for all interested, and provides a continued show of support and love for our parish, maintained by the dedication of many of its members.

President: Ielita Daba


At limited times during the year, a group of parents dedicates time and resources to assisting with programs involving the children. Deriving from a “Mother’s Club” from years ago, the current group is always accepting new and willing parents to help provide for our children.

Contact: currently inactive


Boys of the parish, from age 7 through high school are encouraged to assist in the services of the Cathedral as Altar Servers. This unique group offers a rewarding and educational experience, as well as a help to the priests and hierarchs. A sincere commitment to this ‘fraternity’ is made through a learning/training process and guidelines set by the Dean.



The season of Great Lent offers the best opportunity for adults to be ‘taught’ about their Church through a weekly program of guest lectures. The Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts is celebrated on set evenings, and is followed by a quiet Lenten supper and presentation by various clergy and laymen from Detroit and around the Great Lakes region. This is a popular program which has continued annually for nearly 20 years. Additionally, English language Adult Study Class programs are offered at various times throughout the year (usually meeting in 3 week series). The sessions are intended to provide adults of the parish with an opportunity to learn about and discuss various themes pertaining to their spiritual life.  In the near future,  similar classes will be provided in the Romanian language as well.

Coordinator: V Rev Fr Laurence Lazar
Assistant: Rev Fr Sabin Pop



The Cathedral Cultural Center is the social space of the parish complex. The Center is adjacent to the Cathedral itself, and features two large banquet halls, lobby, small bookstore area, kitchen, and library. The center is open to parishioners and the public for rentals. Wedding receptions, banquets, parties, dances, meetings, etc are just some of the events held at the Cultural Center. Please click on the CCC website icon found on the main page of this site to learn more. Appointments for rentals and detailed inquiries are make by calling (586) 978-7991, sau in limba romana (248) 569-4833.

Director: Karen Persichino


The Parish Office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm. The entrance and office lobby is immediately adjacent to the Cathedral (at the glass corridor). The Parish Office aids in the day to day operations of the parish through telephone reception, publications, visitors, various inquiries, etc. You are welcome to visit us during the day to make donations, view the church, ask questions, etc. If you would like to arrange for a private meeting with Fr Lazar, please call in advance to make an appointment at (248) 569-4833.

Office Supervisor: Fr Laurence Lazar
Office Secretary:
Cezarina Hritcu
Resident Caretakers: Gheorghe & Florica Babiciu

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